CFI Spin Endorsement Training

Master Spin Recovery and Become a Certified Flight Instructor

CFI Spin Endorsement

Why get the CFI Spin Endorsement?

The CFI spin endorsement certifies that you have the necessary skills to teach spin recovery techniques, an essential part of flight training.

Certified Flight Instructor conducting spin training

CFI Spin Endorsement

Steps to Obtain Your CFI Spin Endorsement

As part of your journey to become a Certified Flight Instructor, you must demonstrate proficiency in spin recovery techniques. Our program prepares you to handle spins confidently and safely, ensuring you meet all FAA requirements.

The spin endorsement training typically includes ground instruction and flight training. You will learn the aerodynamics of spins, how to enter and recover from spins, and how to teach these techniques to your students. The duration of the training can vary, but most candidates complete it within a few dedicated training sessions.

  • Step 1. Ground School. Learn the theory behind spins, including the aerodynamics and regulations involved. Understand the common causes of spins and the proper recovery techniques.
  • Step 2. Flight Training. Conduct flights with an experienced instructor to practice spin entries, spins, and spin recoveries. Demonstrate your ability to recover from a spin safely.

Blue Skies Above will provide you with all the necessary resources and instruction to pass your spin endorsement. Contact us today to schedule your training and take the next step in your aviation career.

Frequently Asked

CFI Spin Endorsement Requirements

Spin entry and recovery
Spin entry and recovery

To take the initial Practical Test (aka check ride) as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), you need a spin endorsement in your logbook.

According to FAR 61.183(i), to be eligible for a flight instructor certificate or rating, a person must:

Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor indicating that the applicant is competent and possesses instructional proficiency in stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures after providing the applicant with flight training in those training areas in an airplane or glider, as appropriate, that is certificated for spins.

Steps to Obtain Your CFI Spin Endorsement

So, how do you get such a CFI spin endorsement?

Well, you come to Blue Skies Above and follow these steps:

  • Receive ground training in stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures.
  • Fly the 5378D with a CFI and practice entering spins and applying spin recovery procedures.
  • Receive spin endorsement from a qualified Blue Skies Above flight instructor.

All this can usually be accomplished in one or two lessons and is a lot easier than you might think.

Blue Skies Above student pilot passing private pilot checkride at Lanett Municipal Airport


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CFI Spin Endorsement

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