Our Story

Matthew Bourguignon

Blue Skies Above is a flight school born out of the mind of Chief Flight Instructor and Founder Matthew Bourguignon. Named after a catchphrase used in the past by his own flight instructor, Matthew chose to continue the tradition in his flight school. "Blue Skies" was a phrase used at the end of almost any conversation or call during his flight instruction and reminds Matthew of his former CFI, the biggest influence in Matthew's attraction to aviation.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced aviation professionals who are passionate about aviation and committed to providing the highest level of training and support to our students.

Matthew Bourguignon

Matthew Bourguignon

CFII | Founder

Matthew is an aviation enthusiast driven by a childhood dream inspired by his model airplane-flying grandfather from Long Island. Despite initially aiming for aviation college, concerns about student debt led him to the tech industry after graduating in 2011. The 2020 pandemic reignited Matthew's passion for flight, and he embarked on training to become a commercial pilot, discovering a deep love for general aviation. Now as a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII), Matthew finds great satisfaction in helping others succeed. In February 2023, he founded Blue Skies Above, quickly growing with a dedicated team to fulfill his dream of growing a community of pilots.

Samantha Mott

Samantha Mott

Training Coordinator

Sam is a pilot and the training coordinator at Blue Skies Above. Her passion for aviation was ignited at an early age, and she pursued her dream with unwavering determination. Inspired by the vast expanse of the skies, Sam honed her skills to become a proficient pilot. With a commitment to excellence, she took on the role of training coordinator at Blue Skies Above, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of aviators. Sam's journey is a testament to her love for flying and her dedication to fostering a thriving aviation community.

Our Instructors

Our experienced instructors at Blue Skies Above are committed to providing the highest quality flight training to students. With a passion for aviation and extensive knowledge, they create a supportive and safe learning environment for students to achieve their goals and become skilled pilots.

Matthew CFI


Fixed Wing CFI, CFII



Fixed Wing CFI, CFII, MEI

Paul CFI


Fixed Wing CFI

Caroline CFI


Fixed Wing CFI

Bailey CFI


Fixed Wing CFI

Jackson CFI


Fixed Wing CFI

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