How to become a pilot

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Our flight school welcomes aviators to Lanett, Alabama. The process is simple and only takes 3 steps to get started.

1. Meet The Team

Get in touch with a Blue Skies Team member. We'll learn what your aviation goals are and discuss how we can help reach those goals.

2. Visit Blue Skies Above

Visit our flight school and see our planes. Fly with one of our CFIs to start training and flying planes at Blue Skies Above.

3. Start Flying

Whether you're flying for a career or flying for fun, Blue Skies Above will help you acquire the skills and knowledge to become a safe proficient pilot.

Cessna during sunset at the ramp at Lanett Municipal Airport

Our Courses

Understanding that each student pilot is unique, our tailored approach ensures personalized guidance throughout your training. From your initial flight with a CFI to advanced training in instrument and commercial, we're committed to your success.

To become a pilot, you must undergo training which involves flight time where you'll learn how to fly the plane and execute manuevers. You'll also need to complete ground training where you'll study weather, regulations, aerodynamics and more. Pilots first start out with their private pilot certificate and then move on to more advanced ratings and certifications depending on your goals.

After completing training, you'll need to complete your exams to become a certificated pilot. There are three main exams you'll need to satisfactorily complete: The medical exam, the written test, and the practical exam. When you fly at Blue Skies Above, you'll get one on one mentorship with one of our CFIs (certified flight instructor) that will guide you through every step of the way. Start today and let's start flying!

Get Started
Private Pilot Certificate
All pilot get their private pilot certificate as their first certificate. A private pilot certificate allows you to be pilot in command of an aircraft and fly passengers. Learn more about our initial Private Pilot Instruction.
Instrument Rating
Once you have your private license, the next step is to get your Instrument Rating. An instrument rating gives you the skills needed to fly in less than ideal weather conditions. Check out what that rating means here.
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Interested in a career in aviation? Look no further than our Commercial Pilot. Holding a commercial pilot certificate allows for you to fly for compensation and hire.
Now that you're a skilled and proficient pilot, teach the next generation of pilots and gain experience. Learn more about our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) course here.
Guiding others to obtain their Instrument Panel Rating is a challenge, but a rewarding one at that. Become CFII certified with Blue Skies Above.

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