Commercial Pilot Certificate

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Become a commercial pilot

Commercial Pilot Certificate

A commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly for compensation or hire.

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Commercial Pilot

Become a Commercial Pilot

If you're looking to make a career out of flying and you've gained a few hundred hours of flying experience, then getting your commercial pilot certificate is next after your instrument rating.

Getting a commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly for compensation or hire. Many career pilots start their career after getting their commercial certificate and do flight instructing, surveying, sky diving operations, and more. For those looking to get their ATP certificate and fly in the airlines, this phase is a great time to gain flight experience while being compensated.

When you start commercial pilot training, you'll get to learn the regulations more thoroughly and understand the limitations and requirements for different parts of the FAR. You'll also learn additional manuevers and learn how to fly more precise.

  • Complete Your Instrument Rating While not technically a requirement, not having an instrument rating when completing you commercial pilot certificate limits you in the type of flying you can do for compensation.
  • Pass Your Instrument Written Exam Study and solidify core aviation concepts. Being able to understand if a flight is being flown under Part 91 or Part 135; and understanding concepts like common carriage are all things that you will need to learn in order to obtain your commercial pilot certificate.
  • Meet Minimum Requirements You'll need have flown a minimum of 250 flight hours. In addition, there are different types of cross country trips that you are required to complete to meet the minimum requirements to take the commercial pilot practical exam.
  • Fly With an Examiner You'll fly with a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) and demonstrate you have the skills to fly as a commercial pilot and meet the requirements of the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS).

Blue Skies Above will prepare you for all of the required exams with the necessary materials and education. Give us a call and schedule a time to fly with a CFI to get started.

What to expect during commercial pilot training?

Prepare to start flying at a higher standard. When you are assigned an altitude and heading, you will be expected to fly the altitude and heading with better precision. The standards listed in the ACS are much more strict for commercial pilots compared to private pilots and with good reason.

To start commercial pilot training at Blue Skies Above, take the initial step by reaching out to Blue Skies Above team today. Connect with our team, explore the classroom and planes, and review the comprehensive syllabus. Let's kickstart your commercial pilot training. This is your opportunity to become a more skilled and confident pilot!

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How Do I Get Paid To Fly As A Pilot?

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Are you a pilot getting to close to 250 hours and wondering what's next after you complete your commercial pilot training? Depending on what your career goals are, the answer can vary drastically.

Once you've completed your commercial pilot training the world of aviation opens up with various opportunities to turn your passion for flying into a rewarding career. At Blue Skies Above, our flight school located at Airport 7A3 in Lanett, AL, we understand that your career goals play a crucial role in shaping your next steps. Let's explore some career opportunities that can lead you to getting paid to fly.

Commercial Pilot Roles

If you're looking to become an airline pilot, or a similar role that requires 1500 hours and an ATP certificate, many pilots start with these job roles to build flight time and gain experience.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is a common route for pilots looking to build flight hours while earning an income. As a CFI at Blue Skies Above, you can share your knowledge and skills with aspiring pilots, helping them navigate the skies safely. This role not only enhances your teaching abilities but also accelerates your own learning and mastery of flight techniques.

Survey Pilot: Engage in aerial survey missions as a survey pilot. This role involves flying over designated areas to collect data for various purposes such as mapping, environmental monitoring, or infrastructure assessments. Survey piloting offers a unique perspective and a chance to apply your flying skills in practical, real world scenarios.

Skydive Pilot: As a skydive pilot, you'll play a crucial role in creating unforgettable experiences for thrill-seekers. Fly thousands of feet in the air, provide a smooth and safe ascent for skydivers, and witness the breathtaking moments as they freefall and parachute back to the ground.

Charter Pilot: Explore opportunities as a charter pilot, providing personalized and on demand flight services. Whether it's transporting business executives, leisure travelers, or cargo, charter pilots enjoy a dynamic work environment. At Blue Skies Above, we can guide you on how to transition into this exciting sector of aviation.

Agricultural Pilot: Agricultural pilots, or Ag pilots shortened, is a very enjoyable career where you fly close to the ground and apply chemicals like fertilizer and insecticide on farm crops.

Missionary Pilot: Combine your passion for flying with a sense of purpose by becoming a missionary pilot. Serve remote communities by providing transportation for humanitarian aid, medical supplies, or personnel. It's a fulfilling way to make a positive impact through aviation.

Become a Commercial Pilot

Whether you're considering pilot opportunities in Auburn, Columbus, Opelika, Atlanta, Columbus, Georgia, Alabama; Blue Skies Above is here to support your aviation journey. Explore the diverse opportunities and aviation needs of the region while gaining the experience and flight hours needed for your chosen career path. As you approach this pivotal point in your aviation career, remember that the skies are full of possibilities, and Blue Skies Above is here to help you begin your pilot career.

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