Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Become an instrument instructor at Blue Skies Above

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Instrument Flight Instruction

Mentor student pilots to become instrument rated

CFII flying IFR Blue Skies Above

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

CFII training at Lanett Municipal Airport 7A3

Blue Skies Above CFII Program

Fly above the blue skies at with our Instrument Flight Instructor Training. In Lanett, Alabama, our training center at Lanett Municipal Airport 7A3 offers the ideal setting for focused aviation education. With a fleet featuring the renowned Cessna 172 aircraft, our program offers a direct path to becoming a proficient Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII).

At Blue Skies Above, we take great pride in offering the best pilot instruction and education. Future CFIs that are trained at Blue Skies Above will embody excellence and professionalism.

CFII Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in our CFII program, you need:

  • Private pilot certificate You need a Private Pilot Certificate prior to becoming a CFII.
  • Instrument rating You need to have completed your instrument rating.
  • Commercial pilot certificate Build a solid flight experience foundation with a minimum of 250 flight hours, preparing you for the demands of CFII training.
  • Passion for teaching Bring your passion for teaching to the forefront, as our CFII program focuses not just on flying but on mentorship and effective instruction.

Blue Skies Above will prepare you for all of the required exams with the necessary materials and education. Give us a call and schedule a time to fly with an instructor to get started.

What to expect during CFII training?

Our CFI training program is designed to immerse you in comprehensive instruction, covering essential aspects of aviation education, effective communication, and hands on teaching techniques. At Blue Skies Above, we provide the tools and expertise necessary to guide aspiring CFIIs, fostering a supportive environment for your growth as an instructor.

To start CFII training at Blue Skies Above, take the initial step by reaching out to Blue Skies Above team today. Connect with our team, explore the classroom and planes, and review the comprehensive syllabus. Let's kickstart your CFII training. This is your opportunity to train the next generation of pilots and make an impact!

Frequently Asked

Should I get my double I?

IFR training at Blue Skies Above
IFR training at Blue Skies Above

Are you a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) contemplating the addition of an Instrument Rating to your teaching certificate? Making this decision involves weighing several factors that can significantly impact your career and skill set.

Do you enjoy teaching others?

If teaching is at the core of your passion, obtaining your CFII could be a natural progression. The CFII rating enables you to share your knowledge of instrument flying, providing a valuable service to aspiring pilots looking to enhance their skills.

Flight instruction goes beyond just flying. it involves effective communication, patience, and the ability to mentor others through complex concepts. If you find fulfillment in seeing your students succeed and take pride in their accomplishments, the CFII might be the logical next step in your instructional journey.

Do you have a passion for aviation and safety?

As a CFII , you'll be at the forefront of promoting safety and precision in aviation. If you have a keen eye for detail and a commitment to instilling best practices in your students, the role of a CFII aligns seamlessly with your values. Blue Skies Above's CFII training program ensures that you are well equipped to pass down these principles in your future students.

Become an instrument flight instructor

Whether you're considering pilot opportunities in Auburn, Columbus, Opelika, Atlanta, Columbus, Georgia, Alabama; Blue Skies Above is here to support your aviation journey. Explore the diverse opportunities and aviation needs of the region while gaining the experience and flight hours needed for your chosen career path. As you approach this pivotal point in your aviation career, remember that the skies are full of possibilities, and Blue Skies Above is here to help you begin your pilot career.

Flying IFR Blue Skies Above Lanett, AL & Columbus, GA

We are the flight training experts in Lanett, AL

As the only flight school with a Cessna fleet in the area, we pride ourselves in training safe and highly proficient pilots. Come see what everyone's talking about! Visit Blue Skies Above and begin flight training today.

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