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Certified Flight Instructor

A CFI is a mentor and coach for their student pilots and teaches them how to fly.

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Certified Flight Instructor

CFI training at Lanett Municipal Airport 7A3

Many pilots on their way to the airlines or other careers in aviation spend a few years instructing to gain experience and flight hours. Some pilots enjoy flight instructing and choose to make it a long term career.

While being a CFI is the most common route for commercial pilots to gain enough flight experience to qualify for ATP minimums, it is not the best route for everyone. CFIs have a direct impact in the future of aspiring pilots and if a CFI is not passionate about aviation and teaching, it can be detrimental in the experience of aspiring pilots.

At Blue Skies Above, we take great pride in offering the best pilot instruction and education. Blue Skies Above is the place of professional flight instruction

CFI Eligibility Requirements

  • Be 18 years old and speak English A minimum requirement that should have been met if you've gotten your private, instrument, and commercial already.
  • Pass your knowledge test To become a CFI you will need to understand the fundamentals of instructing and meet the requirements of the PTS (practical test standards).
  • Hold a commercial pilot certificate You'll need have flown a minimum of 250 flight hours and hold a commercial pilot certificate to qualify to be a flight instructor.
  • Receive logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor You'll need to have met and trained with an authorized instructor and that instructor will need to sign you off stating that they feel you are ready to take the practical flight exam.
  • Fly with an examiner You'll fly with a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) and demonstrate you have the skills to fly as a commercial pilot and meet the requirements of the Pratical Test Standards (PTS).

Blue Skies Above will prepare you for all of the required exams with the necessary materials and education. Give us a call and schedule a time to fly with a CFI to get started.

What to expect during CFI training?

Our CFI training program is designed to immerse you in comprehensive instruction, covering essential aspects of aviation education, effective communication, and hands on teaching techniques. At Blue Skies Above, we provide the tools and expertise necessary to guide aspiring CFIs, fostering a supportive environment for your growth as an instructor.

To start CFI training at Blue Skies Above, take the initial step by reaching out to Blue Skies Above team today. Connect with our team, explore the classroom and planes, and review the comprehensive syllabus. Let's kickstart your CFI training. This is your opportunity to train the next generation of pilots and make an impact!

Frequently Asked

Is becoming a CFI right for me?

CFI tieing down plane after a flight Lanett, Alabama
CFI tying down a plane after a flight Lanett, Alabama

Are you a pilot getting to close to 250 hours and wondering what's next after you complete your commercial pilot training? The thought of instructing has probably crossed your mind a few times during your pilot training journey. Depending on what your career goals are, the answer can vary drastically.

Once you've completed your commercial pilot training the world of aviation opens up with various opportunities to turn your passion for flying into a rewarding career. At Blue Skies Above, our flight school located at Airport 7A3 in Lanett, AL, we understand that your career goals play a crucial role in shaping your next steps. Let's explore if becoming a CFI is right for you.

Do you enjoy teaching others?

If you find joy in sharing your knowledge and skills with others, becoming a CFI could be a perfect fit. Instructing allows you to play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of aviators. At Blue Skies Above, we believe that effective teaching is not just about imparting information but fostering a passion for flight and instilling the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

A flight instructor is a coach and a mentor to their student pilots. Becoming a CFI allows you to leave a lasting impact on the aviation community. By guiding and inspiring new pilots, you contribute to the growth and safety of the industry. If leaving a positive legacy in aviation resonates with your aspirations, CFI training at Blue Skies Above is a step toward fulfilling that vision.

Do you have a passion for aviation and safety?

As a CFI, you'll be at the forefront of promoting safety and precision in aviation. If you have a keen eye for detail and a commitment to instilling best practices in your students, the role of a CFI aligns seamlessly with your values. Blue Skies Above's CFI training program ensures that you are well equipped to pass down these principles in your future students.

Become a flight instructor

Whether you're considering pilot opportunities in Auburn, Columbus, Opelika, Atlanta, Columbus, Georgia, Alabama; Blue Skies Above is here to support your aviation journey. Explore the diverse opportunities and aviation needs of the region while gaining the experience and flight hours needed for your chosen career path. As you approach this pivotal point in your aviation career, remember that the skies are full of possibilities, and Blue Skies Above is here to help you begin your pilot career.

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